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Four seasons in Kankaanpää

Nature is very important for us – we live it also inside us every season!

Spring - The spring arrives always so suddenly ! One day there is just all the nature blooming, griding after the icy death of winter ”Here I’m all alive and full of life! ”

Summer – Finnish summer is extremely green! It can seem like you had made a bath in green colour - mentally! You can feel it so good! The blend of shades of summer nights full of light , the blue waves of our clean lakes and mere sound of nature will really make you throw away all the worries and stress of every day life ! You can’t lack this sensation almost one time in your life!

Autumn - Colours. Still colours ! Red, orange, yellow and brown composing magnificent exposition of natural art created by the skilled touch of brush of nature!

Winter - Surely one of the first signs of real winter is the permanent freezing of lakes in the late November. Heavy snowfalls arrive and cover all the soil with an abundance of snow ! You can’t find two identical snowflakes – only extremely beautiful small white stars! One of cosy Finnish tradition is to form angels in snow - smaller and more big – created by the own body! What kind of angel could you form?