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Niinisalo Garrison

Niinisalo Garrison - The biggest Artillery Brigade in Finland

The Garrison of Niinisalo started as a tiny camp of military exercise and little by little it has been developed to be a modern, efficient centre of military training with a good international repute. Niinisalo KTR 1 was established in 19

In the 1950’s the organization grew for example with the Military Band, the Military unit of horse service and the Battery .The 1960’s brought Artillery School and International Centre of U.N. in Niinisalo.

The Artillery Brigade is the most great employer of Niinisalo Garrison. It gives steady employment for 400 persons. This unit gives training for approximately 5000 persons every year (2000 conscripts, 1800 reservists, 1400 persons for U.N. peace-keeping forces).

The functions of this unit are: - training of conscripts to the artillery tasks, military driving , reconnaissance missions and weather service in land forces or training for war dog instructor and military police.

- to provide the personnel with training in field artillery

- to train reservists on refresher courses

- to maintain defensive capacities

The Artillery Brigade’s anniversary on May 26th commemorates the foundation of the Finland’s Royal Artillery Regiment on May 26th 1794.

The Niinisalo Garrison has really many-sided collaboration with the town of Kankaanpää in many administrative sectors.

Link: Finnish Defense Forces International Centre

Niinisalo Garrison Club - Soldiers canteen

In the area of Niinisalo Garrison there are situated a fully licensed restaurant for 400 persons – Niinisalo Garrison Club. There’ s too soldiers canteen “Sotku”or “Sode”, which serves as home for the conscripts during their service time and this place is legendary not the least for the famous doughnuts and pretzels! “Sode” is open for the general public as well – why don’t have a cup of coffee in pure military style!

Have a nice cup of coffee and one of famous doughnuts in pure military style by "Soldiers Canteen"!