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Warm welcome to Veneskoski! 





Veneskoski is a peaceful and idyllic rural village located in Kankaanpää town in southwestern Finland. The landscape of village is characterised by the River Karvianjoki with its imponent rapids still in natural state and beautiful grey granite stone bridge with three arches. Soft agricultural sceneries, the river valley and hilly forest areas are here and there spotted by single family houses or farms.

It’s easy to reach Veneskoski village as it’s located near the “Road of art” (Highway 23), which is one of the main arteries in Finland. The distance to Kankaanpää town centre is 10 Kilometers and the city of Pori is quite near, within only 30 minutes of driving. Alternatively you can make it in a very different way and arrive here by railway. Unfortunately, we have no more active connections, but you can rent a draisine as the railway is used for tourism nowadays!

Our village is a place of first class living quality for persons of all ages. Modern living conditions near nature and a lot of space guarantee calm and safe surroundings for inhabitants.

We have also our Veneskoski comprehensive school with grades from 1st to 6th with 90-years long educational traditions. In this small comprehensive school the children can play during their refreshing pauses outside and this school is still in a measure of human being!

Actually our village association organizes also afternoon club for pupils of school with a proper tutor, which helps very much working families.

In Veneskoski you can find also very active entrepreneurship. Nearly in every single house there’s also some kind of business activity. We have some special products here like wooden chests or Finnish knives. As well honey or ready wood for your fireplace or maybe an entire new kitchen.

You can also enjoy our village making a suggestive canoeing trip along River Karvianjoki. The river with its numerous rapids offers also good opportunities for fishers who maybe search pikes or salmon to be caught!

For the friends of visual arts we have two specialities; being the village situated near the Road of Art (Highway 23) you can wonder along the highway three curious artistic works just in nearby of river valley! And then … “just on the stage” …as Veneskoski is also famous in national level for its summer theatre activity! The summer theatre attracts thousands of visitors every single summer season to enjoy comedies or more traditional plays. The theatrical activity joins also people living in village to work together all the year round and gives a great sense of community for us!